Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman
"Lord, Make me an instrument of Thy Peace."

Author of:
Commune with the Angels
Driving under the Influence of Angels
Angels by my Side
You've landed here upon the doorstep of this website for
a reason. You've been guided here by your Guardian
Angel. An invisible hand led you here because in some
way...some've been whispering a personal
prayer asking for peace in your life.

Our lives can be so chaotic, challenging and fast-paced
that we sometimes have to rethink and re-train ourselves
to live at a peaceful pace. Sometimes our lives seem
mind-boggling and complex. We begin to feel like puzzles with a
million pieces. You've been lovingly guided here by
your Guardian Angel to reconnect with your own inner
simplicity...the true "piece of you" that is "the peace of you"

Maybe you haven't had the finances or time to "get-away"
on an outer vacation to a place where you reconnect with
peacefulness. Or maybe you did take a vacation and it seems like a
distant memory. Your Guardian Angel has brought you here to
remember and reconnect with the place of peace that is inside of you.
Your Guardian Angel has guided you here to experience taking a
sacred walk
in that place of peace - a walk into oneness with our soul.

This website's purpose is to assist you in regaining
peace in your life and to inspire you to be a peacemaker
here on earth. In the words of PEACE PILGRIM, "If you
want to make peace, you must be peaceful." Being
peaceful is being powerful. My service as EARTH ANGEL
4 PEACE is to bless you with inspirational ways to
integrate inner and outer space to give yourself more
room to grow in be "in peace".

Before you explore this website any further, take a few relaxing
breaths and tune into an inner awareness - an intuitiveness - that is
speaking to you by the very fact that you have arrived here at EARTH
ANGEL 4 PEACE.COM. You ARE connected to the angels. You DO
have a Guardian Angel who cares about you abundantly. As Psalm
91 (Check out  reveals to us, God created the
Angels and gave your Guardian Angel
the assignment of taking good care of you. And that is
what your Guardian Angel is doing by guiding you here.

Consider your Guardian Angel playing the role of travel agent, one of
the many roles the Angels fulfill in our lives. There is within you
incredible sacred space waiting to be explored. Your Guardian Angel
has booked a ticket just
for you to discover where God's presence and peace resides with

"Peace is not an absence but a presence"
-- Gerald O. Petersen


Jayne Howard Feldman is the
ANGELS (ARE Press, 1992) which
is now in its 12th printing and
published in five languages;
Press, 2002) and ANGELS BY MY
SIDE (Author House, 2004).  She
is the founder of BE AN ANGEL
DAY – celebrated annually on
August 22nd.  Additionally she is
the founder of INSPIRE YOUR
celebrated on January 31st.  
Jayne is an ordained interfaith
minister, Reiki Master and curator
of Angel Heights Healing Arts
Center. Jayne maintains a private
spiritual life coaching and
counseling practice offering
telephone and in-person
consultations .  Produces a
monthly inspirational CD for
subscribers around the world.
Jayne resides in Upperco,
Maryland with her husband,
Charles and their Jack Russell
Terrier – Hattie
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